Becoming Licenced

Within the scope of Combined Services Discipline, competitors are involved in matches involving both rifles and pistols. To attain a firearms licence in NSW, there are a number of steps.

The first and most important is to determine what type of shooting you wish to be involved in – whether it be target/sporting, hunting/vermin control or both. Each type of firearm fits into a Category, and each of these categories requires a genuine reason prior to a licence being enacted. The categories of licence relevant to Combined Services Discipline can be found listed below:

Category A – Air Rifles, Rimfire Rifles (other than semi-automatic), Shotguns (other than pump action/semi-automatic), Shotgun-Rimfire Combination Guns
Category B – Centrefire Rifles (other than semi-automatic), Shotgun-Centrefire Combination Guns, Muzzle loaders (other than pistols)
Category H – Pistols

Genuine Reasons:
For every Category of licence you wish to apply for, you must have a genuine reason or both reasons should you wish to engage in both activities. For Category A & B genuine reasons include but are not limited to:

Sport/Target […]

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