Becoming Licenced

Within the scope of Combined Services Discipline, competitors are involved in matches involving both rifles and pistols. To attain a firearms licence in NSW, there are a number of steps.

The first and most important is to determine what type of shooting you wish to be involved in – whether it be target/sporting, hunting/vermin control or both. Each type of firearm fits into a Category, and each of these categories requires a genuine reason prior to a licence being enacted. The categories of licence relevant to Combined Services Discipline can be found listed below:

Category A – Air Rifles, Rimfire Rifles (other than semi-automatic), Shotguns (other than pump action/semi-automatic), Shotgun-Rimfire Combination Guns
Category B – Centrefire Rifles (other than semi-automatic), Shotgun-Centrefire Combination Guns, Muzzle loaders (other than pistols)
Category H – Pistols

Genuine Reasons:
For every Category of licence you wish to apply for, you must have a genuine reason or both reasons should you wish to engage in both activities. For Category A & B genuine reasons include but are not limited to:

Sport/Target […]

SSAA Mudgee

SSAA Goulburn

Club Practice – Mudgee

January 27 @ 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Club Practice- Mudgee

February 24 @ 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

City VS Country

March 15 @ 8:00 AM - March 17 @ 5:00 PM

ANZAC Commemorative Shoot / Rebel Tour

April 27 @ 10:00 AM - April 28 @ 3:00 PM

Club Practice – Mudgee

May 26 @ 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Sniper & Tactical Rifle Weekend – Mudgee

June 15 @ 9:00 AM - June 16 @ 3:00 PM

Cadet & Training Rifle Weekend – Mudgee

July 27 @ 10:00 AM - July 28 @ 3:00 PM

Club Practice – Mudgee

August 25 @ 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Posted Sat Feb 9th, 2019

NSW Combined Services Discipline

Legend ... See MoreSee Less

Posted Sat Jan 26th, 2019

NSW Combined Services Discipline

Happy Australia Day to all our followers.Today we celebrate our nation. We are proud to call ourselves Australia's Army. #AustraliaDay ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Australia Day to all our followers.

Posted Sun Jan 6th, 2019

NSW Combined Services Discipline

Rub-A-Dub-Dub No1 Mk3 in the tub.An allied soldier takes advantage of the opportunity to have a bath in the port city of Tobruk, Libya. 17 February 1942. During World War II, Allied forces, mainly the Australian 6th Division, took Tobruk on 22 January 1941. The Australian 9th Division pulled back to Tobruk to avoid encirclement after actions at Er Regima and Mechili and reached Tobruk on 9 April 1941 where prolonged fighting against German and Italian forces followed. Although the siege was lifted by Operation Crusader in November 1941, a renewed offensive by Rommel the following year resulted in Tobruk being captured in June 1942 and held by the Axis forces until November 1942, when it was recaptured by the Allies. (wikipedia) (Photo source - © IWM E 8439) No 1 Army Film & Photographic Unit - Lt. William G. Vanderson Photographer Lt. William G. Vanderson became a Prisoner of War during the North African Campaign and was released from Oflag 79 in Brunswick, Germany at the end of the war. (Colourised by Doug) ... See MoreSee Less

Rub-A-Dub-Dub No1 Mk3 in the tub.


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I need to get a bathroom like that for myself. One designed for a Lithgow No1 MkIII* to rest against the wall while I take a tub! 😁

Posted Sun Jan 6th, 2019

NSW Combined Services Discipline

Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc.
TOUR OF SSAA NSW BRANCHES BEGINS Please like our page for important updates and share it to your network to help promote our sport! As CEO OF SSAA NSW I am keen to visit all our branches and hear what is important to you and see where SSAA NSW can help as we grow our sport together. Over the next few months I will visit all our branches across NSW. Yesterday i started the tour, catching up with members of Southern Highlands branch. A huge shout out to Tobler family that help run the branch showing me the range at Belanglo. Had a lot of fun shooting Silhouette and listening to the growth of the branch. I look forward to their competition in late February catching with many more members. Over the next few months I will post videos up introducing our great branches and giving you an opportunity to highlight your branch and upcoming activities. See you on the range!
... See MoreSee Less

Posted Sun Jan 6th, 2019

NSW Combined Services Discipline

Cadet & Trainer - 5th January 2019 At least to those of us who compete, it often feels like, after a day or 2 of calm, relatively still weather, the wind deliberately picks up for the days when we're trying to target shoot! Not that it discourages us. It just adds another challenge to the match. And today was the first Combined Services Match of 2019, certainly for Goulburn and possibly (although not confirmed!) in NSW. Due to the range restrictions we're currently under it had to be Cadet & Trainer. But we all enjoy these rifles and the crowd of Cadet owners in Goulburn is growing. Today we had 5 competitors and to the strong winds was added the mid 30º temps we usually experience in January. Three matches were shot; Snap A, Rapid Fire 50m and a 2 Distance event. The first 2 were 10 rounds each and the 3rd was 15 rounds. Despite the strong winds both 22 Trainer competitors shot quite well, even in the third match when they were engaging targets @100m. While A.W. comfortably won the Rapid and Snap matches, he trailed badly in the last and so S.H. won the third and came first on overall points. K.K. took first in the 22 Trainer class and overall 3rd. It should also be noted that A.H. made 2 very accurate hits @100m with the .22LR Norinco trainer rifle, and S.H. score 2 accurate hits and a Super V in the last match. What was clear was that by the time we finished at 11:50am we were all looking forward to getting inside into the aircon! Dates for the Goulburn 2019 CSD Calender are not clear yet, mostly due to the range restrictions, but we'll endeavour to put one out soon, especially for those of you who live outside the Goulburn Region. I definitely recommend people who enjoy service rifle shooting to attend the City Vs Country Match at Mudgee, March 15-17. https://www.facebook.com/events/365965694227579/ ... See MoreSee Less

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