Combined Services is a competitive discipline that endeavours to rejuvenate and strengthen interest in the use of historic military and service firearms.
Firearms, whether in original condition or a faithful reproduction are used in this discipline to compete in service matches that test the skill of the shooter across a wide array of events  and firearm classes in CSD.

Shooting Service:
Combined Services Discipline encompasses a wide variety of military and service firearms from both past and present in a number of matches generally involving positional shooting over a number of distances. These differ in structure and timing between rifle and pistol events.
A good example of the general match structure of service rifle can be seen in its most common event, which is the 3 Position Core Event. In this match, shooters engage a Core Target; a 1200×1200 target – from three distances and three shooting positions. It’s a 30 round event where you start out by firing 5 rounds from the prone position at 300m distance from the target. Shooters then proceed forward in 100m intervals using the standing, seated and prone position as they come closer to the target. Each distance has a set time limit, after which ceasefire is called and no shots may be fired. 3P Core is also shot by rimfire training rifles and .310 cadets at scaled down distances and target formats

Service Pistol also has a 3 Position Core Event shot on a Military Pistol target. In this 36 round event shooters have firing positions at 25, 15 and 7 meters from the target. This event has a mix of standing, kneeling and seated shooting, as well as single and two handed firing positions. The event ends with a rapid fire component which calls for speed and accuracy on target. Each distance has a set time limit, after which ceasefire is called and no shots may be fired. These matches are easy for beginners to follow along with as the course of fire, positions and number of rounds required are reiterated at each firing point.

Grading System:
In addition to competing within your own class of firearm, shooters are also graded in conjunction with their shooting experience in both pistol and rifle events. After shooting 3 matches every shooter receives a grade within which they compete with others at their level, those that improve can move up a grade by shooting three successive scores that surpass the minimum score for the next grade.

CSD is intended as a competition where shooters can easily join in without requiring a huge outlay on equipment to be competitive.
All that you require is:

An eligible firearm for the class you wish to compete in

Optional gear:
A rifle sling for offhand shooting support
Extra magazines, Stripper Clips and/or Speed Loaders
A shooting mat

What ranges can I shoot CSD at?
Current ranges that shoot CSD include:
Windamere Regional Shooting Complex
SSAA Goulburn
More to come!