The below matches are part of the Combined Services Discipline Rulebook (2013 V3)


Match 1: Three Position Event (3P)

Match 2: Long Range Event  

Match 3: Rapid Fire A

Match 4: Rapid Fire B

Match 5: Rapid Fire C  

Match 6: Snap A

Match 7: Snap B

Match 8: Snap C

Match 9: Falling Plate / Balloon Shoot (Team Event)  

Match 10: Deliberate

Match 11: Four Range Event

Match 12: Rapid Fire 50 Metres

Match 13: Action M

Match 14: Three Range Event  

Match 15: Long Range Sniper Event A (Class ‘F’ and ‘T’ Rifles) 

Match 16: Three Position Event (3P) for Class ‘E’ Rifle  

Match 17: Long Range Event for Class ‘E’ Rifle  

Match 18: Three Position Open (3P) Class ‘J’ Rifles Only

Match 19: 50 Metre Combined Rifle and Pistol Event


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