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Hosted by Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Gladstone Branch.
Central Queensland Shooting Complex, Gladstone Queensland.
754 Neil Creek Rd, Wooderson QLD 4680.

The Championships will be conducted in accordance with SSAA CSD Rulebook No4 2017.

Thursday, Octover 1st 2020: Practice
Range open for practice from 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Friday, October 2nd 2020: Class 1, 2 & 3 Pistol.
7am pistol scrutineering, 8am briefing, 8.15am competition begins:

Class 1, 2 and 3 pistols. Class 1 to be shot first (competitors may shoot two classes).

Event 1: Match 5
Kneeling deliberate 15m
Class 1 (Open/Junior)

Event 2: Match 1
3P Core Event (25m, 15m, 7m)
Class 1, 2 or 1, 3, or 2,3 (Graded/Junior)

Event 3: Match 9
50m Long Range
Class 1, 2 or 1, 3, or 2,3 (Open/Junior)

Event 4: Match 8
Standing Rapid Fire 25m
Class 1 (Open/Junior)

Event 5: Match 2
Three Position Deliberate 25m
Class 1 (Open/Junior)

Event 6: Match 4
Standing Deliberate 15m
Class 1, 2 or 1, 3, or 2,3 (Open/Junior)

Event 7: Chairman’s Challenge
Match 2: Three Position Deliberate 15m & Match 6: Standing Rapid Fire
Class 1 (Genuine unmodified, manufactured and ‘as issued’ pre-1946).
Combined score.

Note: Pistols not on the Class 1 or 2 approved lists will not be eligible unless pre-approved. Class 3 pistols are a modified Class 1 or 2 as per Rule 6.2.1.
Medals for all pistol events, team event, top gun and top gun Junior.
Top gun and team event based on combined scores Class1 pistol events 1, 2 and 3

Pistol medals presentations 17:00

Saturday, October 3rd 2020: Standard and Accurised Rifle
7am rifle scrutineering, 8am briefing, 8.15am competition begins.

Event 1: Match 4
Rapid Fire B (100m)
Standard (Open/Junior)

Event 2: Match 1
3P Core Event (100m, 200m, 300m)
Standard (Graded/Junior) and Accurised (Open)

Event 3: Match 10
Deliberate 300m
Standard (Graded Junior) and Accurised (Open)

Event 4: Match 8
Snap C 100m
Standard (Open)

Event 5: Match 15
Le Mans Option 2 (100m)
Standard (Open)

Event 6: Match 3
Rapid Fire A (100m)
Standard (Open)

Medals for all rifle events, Teams event, Topgun and Topgun Junior.
Topgun and Teams event based on combined scores standard rifle events 1,2&3.

Standard and Accurised rifle medals presentations 17:00
Combined Services sub-committee AGM after Dinner 20:00 approximately


Sunday, October 4th 2020: Training Rifle
7am rifle scrutineering, 8am briefing, 8.15am competition begins.

Event 1: Match 27
Rapid Fire B (50m)
.22LR & .310

Event 2: Match 36
Le Mans Option 2 (50m – Open)
.22LR & .310

Event 3: Match 24
3P Core Event (100m, 75m, 50m)
.22LR & .310 (Graded/Junior)

Event 4: Match 32
Deliberate 100m
.22LR & .310

Event 5: Match 26
Rapid Fire A (50m)
.22LR & .310

Event 6: Match 37
Combined Training Rifle & Class 4 Pistol Event (25m)
.22LR & .310

Training Rifle medal presenation 17:00


Monday, October 5th 2020: F1, F2 and T/J rifles
7am rifle scrutineering, 8am briefing, 8.15am competition begins.
All event use Target 6 (Mini Core).

Event 1: Match 16
Long range event A – F1 200m, F2 300m and T/J, 500m

Event 2: Match 17
Long range event B – F1 200m, F2 300m and T/J, 500m

Event 3: Match 19
Long range event C – F1 200m, F2 300m and T/J, 500m

F1, F2 and T/J rifle medals presentations 17:00 or earlier
$200 Voucher draw after completion of presentations, Competitor needs to be at the draw to claim prize.


Food and drinks available all weekend.

Range facilities:
Camping on the 500m range.
Toilets and showers available.
No power available, generators permitted.

We welcome owners of pets to our Range, but request that pets remain on a lead or under their owners’ control at all times.

Nominations & Enquiries
Greg de Koning 0458 732 993
Email poohbah@aapt.net.au

Post to: Greg de Koning 31 Lighthouse dv,
Boyne Island Qld 4680.

NOMINATIONS REQUESTED by 21st September 2020 to assist with catering.
Juniors pay half price on all event fees.

SSAA Gladstone Branch
BSB 084662
Account Number 467826455


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