The Illawarra Regional Shooting Association (IRSA) is a local Illawarra based association.

IRSA is one of several resident clubs able to enjoy the hospitality of the Southern Highlands Regional Shooting Complex (SHRSC) at Hill Top, and hosts a range of shooting disciplines:

Service Rifle (Military Rifle).
Rime fire and Centre fire Silhouette.
Dangerous Game Rifle (Field Rifle).
Benchrest (Rimfire and Centrefire).
APA Pistol Matches.
Long Range Precision Rifle.

Feel free to visit the IRSA web site for more information.


Ranges and Facilities
Southern Highlands Regional Shooting Complex (SHRSC) has three ranges.

800 meter range:
The IRSA uses the 800 meter range for Long Range Precision Rifle competitions.

Starting at 200m, then 400m and finally 800m.
Some Long Range Service rifle events are also held at the 500m distance of the 800m range.

500 meter range
All other rifle disciplines apart from Precision Rifle are held on the 500m range.
The 500m range has 60 shooting positions at distances of 50,100,150,200,300,385 & 500m.
There are plenty of benches for use and space for offhand and prone shooting.








50 meter range

The 50m pistol range is divided into five separate ranges, four of these ranges have pneumatic turning targets on rails and can be moved to different distances with ease.

All three ranges have a Range officers office and toilet facilities.
At this stage the SHRSC is only open on the weekends from 10.00am – 5.00pm.

For more info please visit the Southern Highlands Regional Shooting Complex website.

How to get there:
SHRSC is approximately 1 hour from Wollongong or 1.5 hours from Sydney.
Follow the M31 (Hume Highway) until you find the turn off to Colo Vale.
Follow Church Avenue for 1.72km and then turn right onto Wilson Drive.
Follow Wilson Drive for about 5.2km and then turn left onto Rosina Street.
Follow Rosina Street for 100m and then turn Right onto W Parade.
Follow W Parade for 1.55km. W Parade now becomes Wattle Ridge Road.
Follow Wattle Ridge Road for 4.44 km to reach the 800m range entrance.
To reach the 500m range entrance keep travelling another 1 km.