Firearms Classes
in Combined Services

Firearms used in Combined Services Discipline are all delegated into classes under the SSAA CSD Rulebook.

These classes enable competitors to operate on a level playing field, where they only compete with others shooting firearms of the same class. A common question by many newcomers to Combined Services Discipline is often raised about what class their rifle or pistol comes under. Below we will detail the various classes for rifle and pistol:

Classes of Rifle

Standard Rifle – generally comprising:

Class A: Close range (100 m), short barrel (535mm / 21 inch), centrefire, carbine type rifles.

Class B: Medium range (2-300 m), bolt/lever action, centrefire, manually operated or self loading, repeating rifles.

Class C: Long range (500 m+), long barrel, centrefire rifles (includes Antique Military Rifles).

Class D: Breech loading cartridge rifles, such as black powder, single shot centrefire rifles and falling block action centrefire rifles.

Class E: Muzzle loading single shot and non-cartridge breech loading rifles (Antique Military Rifles).

Modified and Accurised Rifles:
H Class: Modified and accurised versions of the standard rifles, for example a rifle that has been modified with a bedded barrel, lightened trigger or any other non-issued enhancement.

J Class: Scoped versions of accurised/Modified Class H rifles.

Sniper/Tactical Classes:
F Class: Contains two sub classes –

F1: Vintage Sniper (original and faithful reproduction) rifles made prior to 1946

F2: Sniper Rifles (original and faithful reproduction) rifles made after 2 Jan 1946

T Class: Any model of scoped rifle that has been or is currently in use in either military or police service.  Rifle should be a genuine or a faithful reproduction in the service issued calibre.

Training Rifles:
Class TR: Includes .22LR training rifle variants of original pre 1946 rifles as well as .310 Martini Cadets, or a reproduction of one of those rifles.

Full details of rifle classes can be found on page 10 of the CSD Rulebook.

Classes of Pistol
There are five classes of pistol eligible to shoot in a service pistol matches.

Class 1 (Defence): Centrefire pistols that are original or faithful reproductions of a pistol regularly issued to any army, navy or air force.

Class 2 (Law Enforcement/Police): Centrefire pistols that were a general issue sidearm to any police or law enforcement agency.

Class 3 (Accurised/Modified/Target): Accurised or modified versions of pistols that would otherwise be a class 1 or 2 pistol but have been modified from their original specifications.

Class 4 (Rimfire): Rimfire pistols that faithfully replicate any of the previous classes.

Class 5 (Black Powder):  Original issue or reproduction black powder pistols that have been on general issue to any army, navy or air force.

Full details of pistol classes are covered on page 74 of the CSD rulebook.
For a list of approved pistols please visit the SSAA CSD Competition Page